While chiropractic care is primarily treating the spine, it is also effective in the treatment of extremities.

Have you ever had pain, soreness, or limited mobility in your wrist, finger, foot, knee, or elbow?

Have you ever experienced a joint not functioning properly?

Repetitive motions, improper sitting, overexertion, and falls are some causes of impaired joint function. This can lead to reduced range of motion, inflammation, calcium buildup, and scar tissue. Common terms that refer to impaired joint function include “tennis elbow,” “runner’s knee,” “frozen shoulder,” and “carpal tunnel syndrome.”

Traditional treatments for these conditions often involve pain medications, steroids, or even surgery.

Dr. Cynthia and Dr. Sal, in addition to treating your spine, can also focus on treating specific problematic body parts such as wrists, hands, knees, and elbows. The use of joint mobilization can restore a full range of motion to joints that are not functioning properly or are “locked up” or “jammed.”

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