Dr. Cynthia Mignano

Dr. Cynthia Mignano has been serving the town of James Island since 2001. She graduated from Life University in Atlanta, Georgia in 2000 with a Doctorate in Chiropractic.

While growing up in Arkansas, Dr. Cynthia observed and experienced the benefits of chiropractic care when she and her family began to be treated for and alleviated from various symptoms, including Dr. Cynthia’s headaches and her brother’s bronchitis.

Dr. Salvatore Mignano

Dr. Sal Mignano has also became a Doctor of Chiropractic from Life University in 2000 and has been and providing optimal health and wellness to his patients since 2001.

Dr. Sal grew up in New York and like Dr. Cynthia, experienced the benefits of chiropractic from a young age; as a child, he suffered from chronic asthma. After being treated by his chiropractor, Dr. Levin, Dr. Sal completely recovered and his successful encounter with chiropractic inspired his desire to alleviate people of chronic illness and other dysfunctions.

The Doctors Mignano both aim to restore normal feeling and function to the body through regular chiropractic adjustments. While chiropractic can be used to treat existing symptoms and pain, it also is an effective means of pain and illness prevention. This proactive approach allows Dr. Sal and Dr. Cynthia to not only help their patients feel better, but results in their patients experiencing optimal and full-body health and functionality.

Shannon Proctor

Shannon is a native of West Texas, but she has lived in the southeast for more than 20 years. She has three beautiful children who all benefit greatly from regular chiropractic care. She has worked here for almost five years. Before working at MFCC, Shannon worked was a freelance writer for Charleston Magazine and in the nonprofit sector. She also enjoys traveling but is happy to call Charleston her home.

Tessa Maher

Tessa was born and raised in Seattle, Washington and moved to James Island in 1997. She has been practicing therapeutic massage since 2006 and has been working alongside the Mignanos’ since 2007. Tessa loves dogs, particularly her two labs Jasmine and Paisley. Her interest in health and wellness extends beyond just massage; Tessa is also a competitive bodybuilder and is passionate about fitness and nutrition.

Colleen Castiglione

Collen hails from New York City. She received her Bachelor’s of Science from Queen’s College and studies in exercise science. Collen has lived in Charleston since 2006 and is a certified personal trainer and is well-versed in nutrition. Collen also enjoys stand-up paddle boarding as well as all things outdoors. Collen has taught health and physical education to high schoolers in New York City and is a retired sergeant in the New York Police Department.

Hayley McDonald

Hayley was born and raised in Charleston and has been seeing Dr. Cynthia and Dr. Sal since she was in high school. She moved to the upstate of South Carolina to attend Anderson University, where she studied English Literature. After graduating, she moved back to James Island, where she now resides with her husband and dog. Hayley enjoys reading and playing fetch with her dog, Percy, in her spare time.